Sublette County Conservation District
Sublette County Conservation District
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Plant Identification Workshop
   Summer 2011



We feel that educating both the adult and youth of Sublette County serves two purposes; to ensure that both the present and future of natural resource issues are determined using science based methods.
Education  - Materials can be checked out for your educational benefit on subjects below

In order to meet future objectives we have contracted an education coordinator to provide afterschool education and classroom enrichment to Pinedale and Big Piney students. These young people learn and experience through a myriad of conservation themed lessons.  Activities include monthly local Natural Resource Youth Education; Kids Ag Connection, hands on fun and learning of agricultural practices and animals at the county fair, Ag in the Classroom, and World Water Monitoring Day. In addition, the staff often initiates workshops and meetings to serve the educational needs of a number of adult audiences.  


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