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Sage Grouse Initiative
The Sage Grouse Initiative website is designed to be compelling, practical and a "go-to" resource for landowners, partners, press, educators, and more. Please visit the website and join the new paradigm for conserving at-risk wildlife through incentives, voluntary cooperation, and community support. Click on the link above to view the new site!!!
You may have recognize some of the faces from the video above, and as you might have guessed SGI is already happening in Sublette County! Our producers are gaining national recognition for their efforts, and although conservation easements are only one option through SGI, the following video highlights the efforts of our neighbors.
 As the video above states, there are some very important reasons to be a part of the Sage Grouse Initiative, below you will find some excerpts from the Sage Grouse Initiative website, . The Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) website is a very informative place to learn about the biology of the bird as well as more in depth information about the national program. 
SGI has come out with another amazing video! Showcasing the Wyoming Core Area Strategy.

 Ranchers are important to Sage-grouse recovery
About 40 percent of the birds’ sagebrush dominated habitat lies on privately owned lands. Ranchers and farmers across the west are struggling to keep operations thriving in the face of estate taxes, pressures from changing land uses, and other challenges. It makes good sense to keep Sage-grouse off the endangered species list by taking a non-regulatory approach that benefits ranchers and farmers too.

 SGI is Win-Win Conservation                          
SGI works to keep the Greater Sage-grouse off the endangered species list and help ranchers improve their lands 
   Why Sage Grouse Need Help
Sage-grouse may have once numbered as many as 16 million birds inhabiting western sagebrush lands before settlement. Today, there are fewer than 200,000. Without help, dwindling populations face serious obstacles to recovery, from land and energy development to altered wildfire patterns.

   Success Where it Matters Most
In just two years, the Sage Grouse Initiative has enrolled 400+ landowners and achieved impressive results that are benefiting ranchers, Sage-grouse, and the many other wildlife species that rely on the same habitats.
 -- New grazing systems on more than a million acres are helping grass flourish and providing nesting cover for grouse.
-- Marking and moving fences will prevent as many as 2,000 Sage-grouse collisions and deaths.
-- Projects that remove junipers encroaching on sagebrush country are leading to expanded and better habitat for grouse and grazing for cattle.
-- Conservation easements on more than 200,000 acres are keeping large ranches intact in some of the areas of highest Sage-grouse abundance.
Still interested??!  We sure hope so!  Check out the brochures and websites below:
                   Sage-grouse core area- north/northwest                       Sage-grouse core area- southeast
 Sage Grouse Initiative: Tracking Success is a highly visual 44-page report that for the first time reveals the six secret ingredients to a paradigm for bringing back wildlife in trouble without a need for listing under the Endangered Species Act. The report is featured on the SGI website and Facebook page.



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