Education for both adults and youth of Sublette County ensures that both the present and future of natural resource issues are determined using science based methods. We offer young people the opportunity to learn and experience through a myriad of conservation themed activities including hands on fun using tools from our education tool chest, exploring Ag in the Classroom lessons and participating in water quality monitoring for World Water Monitoring Day to name a few. For our adult audiences, we offer meetings, workshops and events themed around various issues and community interests we see around Sublette County. 


ARbor Day

Arbor Day Celebrations across the nation each year provide an opportunity for the Conservation District to educate youth about the importance trees play in our urban environments. The Sublette County Conservation District donates seedling trees coomplete with "How to Plant a Tree" booklets to students who are celebrating Arbor Day in Pinedale, Big Piney, La Barge and Bondurant in honor of Arbor Day.

Click on the links below to enter the 'Life of a Tree' interactive learning tool from the Arbor Day Foundation.

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Student Contest Opportunities

There are several contest opportunities offered each year for students to express conservation themes through artwork.

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Sublette County Fair

SCCD displays a booth at the Sublette County Fair each year portraying various conservation education such as types of sagebrush, grasses, soils, aquatic insects and wildlife tracks. Each year we try to do a little something different so be sure to stop by our booth during the Fair.  


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Spring Expo

Our annual Spring Expo helps to foster a culture of stewardship among small acreage landowners by promoting sustainable practices that enhance the ecological, economic and social aspects of living on a few acres. We've touched on topics such as raising chickens to irrigation to promoting pollinators and more. Check out our events calendar to find out when our next event is (usually occurs in June). 

Sublette Pals

Sublette Pals is our local education opportunity for 1st grade students to connect with and learn about different occupations right in our own backyard. They get to learn from local folks and build relationships with various professionals in energy, agriculture and other industries.  


We have offered various workshops such as Windbreak Workshops, Riparian Workshops and Permit Workshops to name a few. If you are interested in a topic that you want to know more about, contact us to see how we can help.