Sublette County Conservation District has the mandate to assist and promote the
protection and preservation of public lands, natural resources, soil, water, and wildlife;
the development of water and prevention of floods; stabilization of the ranching and
agriculture industries; protection of the tax base; and providing for the public safety,
health, and general welfare of the citizens within Sublette County.



“By working with local people who understand local problems, the best conservation measures can be accomplished.”



Our Roots

Conservation Districts are subdivisions of the State of Wyoming. There are 34 districts across the State of Wyoming. Originally, there were two districts in the county: Pinedale and Big Piney Conservation Districts. They were established in 1941 by petition of the landowners of the respective districts. In 1987 the districts were consolidated into one, the Sublette County Conservation District.  

How We Are Governed

Since Conservation Districts are a subdivision of the State, their governance is prescribed within Title 11, Chapter 16 of Wyoming's Statutes. The district's Board of Supervisors is composed of 5, elected by non-partisan ballot. Supervisors, by law, representing both urban and rural constituencies.  

When We Meet

Board Meetings are open to the public and held the 3rd Thursday of every month. They begin at 6:00 PM. If you'd like to visit with the board, please call ahead so we may schedule a time period for you on our meeting agenda.


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1625 W. Pine St., Hwy 191
Pinedale, Wyoming, 82941

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